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Green Room Life Sciences connects Life Sciences teams to best-of-breed service providers. We work with teams to understand their unique needs and deliver expert solutions that increase agility, are cost-effective, and save valuable time.


Getting access to the right expertise helps teams plan, move, and respond more quickly. Taking advantage of best-of-breed providers helps the team perform better and align their efforts with corporate goals.


Identifying, evaluating, and selecting a service provider can be a costly effort that diverts the team's attention away from critical work. Green Room connects customers to proven providers who use their expertise to create cost-effective solutions. 


Small teams can't waste time or money. When they choose to outsource a role or a function, they need a service partner who knows what they are doing and can leverage their expertise to save valuable time. Green Room provides access to a network of expert providers.


We serve life sciences teams interested in finding expertise in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices

  • Regulatory Submission Management

  • Biostatistics and Programming

  • Regulatory Strategy

  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, & Controls (CMC)

  • Market Access

Green Room Life Sciences works with clients and partners from around the world. Our current reach includes the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Asia (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, China). 

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