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About Us

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What's in a name?

The ‘Green Room’ is a term that surfers know well as it is where we sit on our boards watching the horizon for the incoming waves. Some waves you'll surf for a short ride before heading back out for the next wave, and some you'll surf all the way to the shore. The same is true of the biotech industry, sometimes work is required to maximise the asset value before commercialising early (perhaps at the end of a Phase 2 trial) and then reinvest in your future assets(s), sometimes you may take that asset all the way to a marketed product.

The company name acknowledges the different journeys our clients may wish to take. It also describes the unique customer experience that we create by delivering best-of-breed expertise when and where you need it.

If you need help or advice with eCTD Regulatory Submission Management Services, Regulatory Affairs, CMC & Statistics and Programming; we can help you, whether in the US, EU or UK, you are covered.

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The concept for Green Room Life Sciences emerged rather organically. I have always appreciated my network and have worked hard to maintain trusted relationships across the life sciences industry. 

I am excited to be able to establish and build relationships where my industry experience creates greater value for clients and partners.

Jason Marks


Green Room Life Sciences




Green Room Life Sciences is committed to sustainability and reducing our global footprint. This is a priority that is reflected in the following Green Room Policies:

  • 100% of office power is currently derived from wind farms.

  • We will reduce international flights to a minimum and meet virtually whenever possible. 

  • We will travel via non-fossil-based fuels and seek alternative means wherever possible.

  • Marketing collateral will be shared electronically to reduce paper usage. It will also be created with minimal color using less ink to reduce the global impact. 

  • A small sustainably suitable gift will be provided to each client or elected organisation. 

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